Does Eduslab effects our decisions anyway, with course, specialization or university?2022-01-16T15:17:24+05:30

No! you are a free bird, you select your university, MBA specialization & everything else you want. We just help you meanwhile! we know there are a lot of things you need before online MBA admission we just help you to get organized for the goal you made for yourself. Being clear we just want to be a co-walker who can guide you the way. We do not have any intention to change any thought from your mind.

Online MBA is simpler because we are here for you. Else a lot of students fight for their small queries.

Does Eduslab help with regular MBA admissions too?2022-01-16T15:09:53+05:30

No! this volunteer model of a free consultation is limited to online MBA admissions only. We can’t help you with regular admission.

For which universities & courses Eduslab can help?2022-01-16T15:06:55+05:30

Eduslab works only for MBA online courses, our most expert knowledge is well centralized to provide you help at this only.

TOP Universities for Online MBA Admission

We have a broad list of 25+ universities. We just say! select your university yourself & ask for our help or expert guidance for free. Here we help with most popular universities which are properly approved, recognized & well known.

Few Names are:

  • NMIMS University
  • Symbiosys SCDL
  • Chandigarh University
  • Suresh Gyan Vihar University
  • IMT-Ghaziabad
  • Manipal University
  • Ignou University


How Eduslab offers free service with no hidden changes?2022-01-16T14:59:00+05:30

Eduslab is one of the largest MBA admission consultant services in India. We have other sources where we do business but from student admission, we never ask a single penny for our services. Our expert consultation & help in MBA admission documentation/Online MBA admission dates/MBA specialization everything is free.

A student pays to the university directly, even we don’t have any connection with it too. We are promising we have a consultation model based on free service which is open for every MBA student who wants admission.

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