NMIMS Distance MBA

NMIMS Distance MBA is well renounced at the forefront of Online MBA courses because of its academic quality, facilities, internal management, research focus, and faculty from top national and global institutes & industries. Pursue a great MBA career from this well-recognized MBA doing platform & create a better tomorrow.

Our role in your online MBA admission

We have a very important role if you get admission to NMIMS University with our help, the first point is we are not charging any fees or anything. Also no other hidden or partial charges are there from our side, all you get is help in your Online MBA Admission & which is free of course. You Directly pay NMIMS University for your admission. Just difference is- We will help you with all free-of-cost intentions, at every obstacle you face at the time of your MBA admission

Popular MBA specialization | NMIMS UNiversity | 2 Year Course (4 Semester)
Marketing Management
Financial Management
Human Resource Management
Internation Trade Management
Banking & Financial Management
Supply Chain Management
Operations Management
Retail Management
Information Technology & System Management

NMIMS Distance MBA Career opportunity

NMIMS is a highly qualified university in India specially for placement opportunities. It has too many company places for placement. If you grab this opportunity then after a few years you will become a professional in the MBA field. University has a different type of placement to relate your skills set. We also provide Free help to students to find out their skills which skills you have or which skills you need to improve. This is our specialty for getting better in your life. We wish you good luck with for career.

NMIMS is an all-encompassing MBA University specialized in online education platform for diverse fields of career such as Engineering, Science and Technology, Management, Commerce, Architecture, Law, Economics, Pharmacy, Aviation, Design, Performing Arts, Liberal Arts, Hospitality Management, Mathematical Science, Branding and Advertising, Agricultural Sciences and much more.

  • Ideal for forward-thinking and new-age young professionals
  • Strong industry interface & corporate relationships with 1348+ companies
  • Research-backed updated curriculum, along with 2400+ published papers to its credit
  • Continuing the legacy of quality education
  • Focus on employability of students through evolved pedagogy
  • Pursuing excellence in technological and management research

NMIMS Online MBA Admission & exam process

NMIMS online distance MBA Admission process. NMIMS is well professional for its exams & assessment procedures. Application Oriented Assessment Computer-based (Online) exams at designated centers all over India are available.  Admissions are based on your past academic performance and your sports field also matters in the admission process. The university is concerned for students’ future that why the university provides an easy way to get a better opportunity. Most students like NMIMS for MBA because they know after the course they will get better from university.

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NMIMS: Online MBA at a glance

NMIMS Online MBA Admission learning structure

NMIMS offers the latest Online MBA course structure with all the popular MBA programs. Application-based learning makes this learning procedure so easy. Students can record the lectures & listen to them at their convenience, even ebooks are also available which makes this online MBA course from NMIMS so great. NMIMS is well known for their student touch-points, they make good connectivity with students at all levels. Like they have emails, toll-free nos live chat as dedicated student support systems.

NMIMS Online MBA Admission payment procedure

NMIMS offers easy fee submission procedures, with all modes of payments even though credit cards a student can pay the fees flexibly. The highlight of their fees system is, a student can avail loan too, even if he does not have a credit card.

NMIMS Online MBA Admission regional centers

Regional offices in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Delhi, Hyderabad, Indore, Kolkata, Mumbai, Navi-Mumbai, Pune. 80+ Authorized Enrolment Partners (AEPs) across the country.

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